Lead Generation (CPL)

The majority of ITechniKal’s clients elect to work with us on a Cost-per-Lead (CPL) Guarantee basis. Your needs, your offers, and our expanding audiences determine a lead volume guarantee. This mutually agreed-upon metric serves as our guide for your campaign.

Then we guarantee to hit it for you. emedia will fulfill CPL Guarantees on white papers, webinars, ebooks, guides, and most other common types of B2B collateral – and on Lead Generation Surveys too.

How Cost-per-Lead (CPL) Campaigns Work.

You present your marketing collateral, the markets you target, and your lead requirements, and tell us how you define a lead. From this, ITechniKal works with you to determine lead qualifiers, if any, and the most responsive audiences for your offers. ITechniKal’s Creative Services team writes the description and call-to-action for you, and makes any further suggestions to maximize campaign returns.

How We Fulfill Cost-per-Lead Campaigns.

ITechniKal employs a portfolio of scheduled, branded bulletins deployed to targeted, often-niche audiences – as well as an expanding set of audience-based content destination sites. Using the business partners we’ve built in Lakeland and the surrounding area we can boost you to your full potential. Learn more about our proprietary lead generation capabilities.

Cost-per-Lead Pricing.

Your campaign goals and parameters, your audiences, and the nature of your marketing offers determine campaign CPL rates. ITechniKal’s CPLs are among the most competitive in B2B marketing, and we do not add additional fees for setup or creative services. ITechniKal takes a hands-on approach to make lead generation low-risk & low-maintenance for you.