Remote Backup Service

In today’s business environment your data is the most important aspect of any business or organization. Without the ability to recover your data and recover it quickly your business could stand to lose customers and substantial revenue from the time you are down. In some industries companies or organizations who cannot recover critical data and provide continued services to their customers could end up going out of business. Every business should have a robust backup plan in place as one of the components of their disaster recovery planning. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the resources to implement a thorough plan and if they do they do not test their backups to see if they can be successfully restored. Every business has unique requirements for their data availability, some can wait a day or two to restore their data, others cannot wait more than minutes or hours.


Bitstrands’s remote backup service (RBS) addresses these issues for businesses of any size. Our remote backup service provides our clients with an affordable enterprise class online backup solution which allows you to restore data in minutes or hours (depending on the amount of data) not days. All your data is stored safely in data center located offsite safe and away from harm. We also use local data centers in Winter Haven for clients that want to keep their data close. The cost of lost data from computers is substantial. Businesses must be proactive in protecting this important resource. Potential disruptions include events such as:

Facility Events

  • Natural disasters (floods, blizzards, hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Manmade disasters (power disruption, chemical spills, train derailments, terrorist attack, civil unrest, etc.)
  • Physical break-in and vandalism


IT Infrastructure Events

  • Hardware failure
  • Software bug
  • Security event (virus, worm, servicer disruption, break-in)
  • Network transmission degradation or failure
  • Change management error
  • Human error