Search Engine Optimization

What are your SEO needs?

  1. You’ve heard about the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) and know you need help getting your site to rank higher.
  2. You’ve had some success with your own SEO efforts, but would like to do more.
  3. Your current SEO provider has your site ranking higher, but you’re ready for new ideas from a partner who can help you go beyond simple page-rank numbers.Jacksonville SEO Company


Whatever your experience is with SEO, Bitstrand is ready to work with you at the level you need. We offer you:





  • Customized plans. The work of SEO is never done, because it’s constantly changing and so are your needs. Some SEO providers use the same approach to every client, but we customize your SEO plan to fit your business and customers. Better SEO means we thoroughly research your website, link profile, competition, web master tools, onsite SEO and analytics to identify your strengths and areas that need improvement. We can even tailor your SEO plan on a local or national level depending on your marketplace.
  • Creative strategies. Any SEO firm can rank you for keywords or phrases, but they may not tell you that not all keywords have traffic. The art of SEO is uncovering keywords that have the most traffic, then targeting those regardless of the competition. We set realistic expectations, but we’re confident we can bring you the right traffic from the right keywords. It’s the only way your business will grow with SEO.
  • Results you can measure. SEO that improves your site’s ranking but isn’t generating leads is doing only half the job. Ranking is just the beginning — getting your online form completed or your phone ringing is how we measure the true success of what we do for you.
  • Personal, attentive service. Every aspect of our work with you is transparent. You’ll hear from us every month with detailed reports on key metrics that show not only your rankings, but also how much traffic is being generated to your site and what visitors do once they get there.


Whether you’re just beginning to explore SEO or have already gotten started, we can help you take advantage of better SEO to get better results. Please take a moment to fill out the form on our Contact Us page, then let’s talk about what we can do help you grow your business.