On-Site Tech Service


Having an onsite tech to maintain your local and wide area networks is a nice relief compared to other technology company services.

That’s our core commitment and our core business!

Whether you need PC repair services and need an onsite tech? Or, if you need an onsite tech to maintain your existing local network? Or, if you need an onsite tech to provide PC upgrade services? We are the company you should call.

We’ve been providing onsite tech pc upgrade services for years, and can also design a full blown new network with full onsite installation. We have a talented crew at Bitstrand to get it done.

If you need to connect to an office in another state or country? We can provide an onsite tech to install and configure all of this for you. All you have to do is point and click with your mouse and your connected. That’s our commitment.

Our onsite tech services focuses on the small business sector, medical, insurance, attorneys, government and dental industries.

We build and provide new and used computers, servers, network equipment, software and security software.

Call Us or fill out our web form and we can schedule an onsite visit.